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Rafting in Ukraine outdoor ukraine activities Rafting in Ukraine team is glad to welcome you to join our outdoor Ukraine activities, such us rafting, cycling, hiking, horseback riding, caving etc. If you are tired of everyday stresses, noise and dust of the cities, boredom of routine work, Rafting in Ukraine would be the best option of Ukraine activities. The fresh air, silence of the forests, moderate level of physical activities, pleasant company, amazing landscapes and real wilderness will let you to experience true outdoor Ukraine. Rafting in Ukraine is one of the most attractive kinds of Ukraine activities. Picturesque and ecologically clean rivers of Ukraine, adventure of the real outdoor camping, fresh water from the streams and sources, evening gatherings around the campfire, barbeques, fishing - these are moments you will never forget. Ukraine activities are often associated with recreational leisure. On the other hand there is a kind of extreme outdoor Ukraine adventures. Rafting in Ukraineis something in-between - what do we offer is active but not exhausting approach, acceptable for different ages and different levels of fitness. The more professional group is, the more difficult rafting trip could be chosen. So, we have individual approach to each group or even to each client. Planning rafting trip we usually take into account all your needs and wishes to make your experience of outdoor Ukraine as enjoyable as possible. We wish you to have an exciting Rafting in Ukraine. Rafting in Ukraine Outdoor Adventure Rafting Ukraine offers white water rafting, flat water rafting, cycling, horseback riding and other kind of outdoor adventure of all abilities, from beginners to experts. Based out of a convenient location in Lviv in Western Ukraine, we are only 2 hours from amazingUkrainian Carpathians and 3 hours from Dnister Canyon. Stryj River Outdoor Adventure Get picked up in the morning by Rafting Ukraine and taken to the scenic Stryj River for an unforgettable white water rafting outdoor experience. Discover hiddenRozgirche Cave Monastery, swim in the mountain river and feel the thrills of the paradise Ukrainian Carpathians. Be sure to enjoy the views from the stunning view-point over the river. Dniester River Outdoor Adventure Looking for a multi-day relaxing, leisurely float outdoor adventure? Prefer peacfull beautiful scenery rather when blurring adrenaline rush? We have the answer with Rafting Ukraine flat water catarafting on Dniester River. During this trip you will explore the legendaryDniester Canyon. Dniester Canyon Outdoor Adventure Steep rocky banks up to 200m high, all covered by forest, unique geological exfoliation, caves and grottos with signs of human settlements, waterfalls, picturesque islands - all these is a wild and virgin nature which gives a perfect possibility to plunge into the world of silence, wildness and calmness of Dniester Canyon. Team Building in Carpathians Such outdoor group activities as rafting or cycling will encourage cooperation and efficiency among employees, employers and coworkers. Rafting Ukraine designed a special Corporate Outdoor Event which specifically target solidarity, teamwork and initiative as well as many more beneficial skills that can be transferred back to the workplace. Family Tour to Dniester Canyon Do you have an active, outdoorsy family that would like to bike the country roads of Ukraine as well as experience flat-water rafting voyage through Dniester Canyon? Mixing these outdoor activities with the cultural setting of Ukraine makes a wonderful Family Tour. Parashka Mountain Hiking Combine our Stryj River rafting adventure with this 8 hour hike into the heart of Carpathian nature that offers spectacular undisturbed natural beauty and photographic opportunities. Accommodation in Lviv City hotels, mountain lodges, nature hotels and budget accommodation, simply let us know your choice and Rafting Ukraine will have the right accommodation for you in Lviv or anywhere in West Ukraine. Have a nice Rafting in Ukraine

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