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Useful Information about Traveling in Ukraine

What to Take

Carry with you when traveling in Ukraine: waterproof attire in case it rains (a hooded waterproof jacket and perhaps waterproofs pants), backpack (doesn’t have to be big), water container, warm windbreaker, warm pants and hat (for high-altitudes). During our rafting trips, all documents, mobile phones, and other personal items should be placed in sealable water-proof plastic bags!

Routes and Sights

We have spent a lot of time to find the most beautiful and quiet routes of the regions. We combine cycling visits to lovely historic towns, castles, churches, with peddling through unspoilt woods and nature reserves with picturesque landscapes. We ride along quiet country roads and forest paths, sometimes with very low or no car traffic. For every day we have selected a basic route, but there are always more scenic options to allow for different fitness levels or weather conditions. All our tours start in Lviv.


Camping during the rafting part of the tour allows us to stay in the heart of the most breathtaking natural scenery, away from the encroaching development. Our experienced tour leaders and top quality equipment will surely enhance your experience. All you need to bring is a warm sleeping bag and a sense of adventure and you'll be sure to enjoy the trip of a lifetime! On some occasions, we may stay in rustic, wilderness sites in order to fully appreciate the remote areas and their natural surroundings. Our leaders coordinate local shopping and assist the group in creating healthy, hearty breakfasts, picnic lunches and delicious dinners each day while camping. Meals consist of a variety of balanced dishes aimed at universal appeal, often enjoyed around a crackling campfire.


All of our tours are led personally by the two of us. We have detailed local knowledge of not only the most famous sights of the regions, but also of hidden places which would be very hard for visitors to find alone. We will guide you during the sightseeing, making you thoroughly acquainted with our history, life, flora and fauna. One of us will always cycle with the group, showing the way and the sights, and helping you if you have any kind of trouble. The other will follow in the support minibus, providing full technical background and catering service en route. At list one of the instructors speaks fluent English.

Back-Up Van

Our minibus, available for the whole group (up to 8 guests) at any time. It provides the opportunity to cycle only along the nicest and most quiet areas of the routes, avoiding unpleasant conditions such as car traffic, rain, steep hills. The minibus also ensures that you can be flexible with your cycling distances every day. Of course we transport your luggage from hotel to hotel. During the cycling part of the trip our bus is always somewhere nearby, giving full support as needed, and it usually meets the group for the drinking and lunch breaks.

Group Size

Our groups range about 8 people. These small groups can use secret places where the crowd can't get in. This small size also makes it possible for everybody to get on the mini-van whenever it is necessary. The atmosphere is more friendly and we can give you more personal attention.


Helmets are not obligatory for cyclists in Ukraine, but for your safety it is advisable to use one. We would like to recommend that you bring your own comfortable one, as unfortunately we can't rent any for hygiene reasons. If you prefer to bring your own bike, a reduction of €2 per cycling day is given. But in this case please don't forget to bring adequate spare parts and tools.

Level of Difficulty

Ukraine is rather flat country with some hilly areas. We selected mainly flat and sometimes slightly undulating routes where longer downhills outnumber short uphills. When we rarely have some hard uphills, we take our bus. Our tours are designed for everybody who can cycle 10-40 miles/16-65 km a day at a leisure pace. With a suitable fitness level you will not have difficulties, but if you never do any sport activities at home, some regular training in advance is recommended in order to make your tour more enjoyable. However, if you get exhausted at any time, our support bus is always available, so you can cycle as much of the daily distances as you wish. If you are uncertain, please feel free to ask us for any further advice. Non cyclists are also welcome on our holidays!

Weather and Time

In Ukraine we have continental weather. Our summers are usually nice and warm with quite a lot of sunshine. About 25-30 В°C daytime temperature can be expected from June to August, and around 20-25 В°C in May or in September. These days sometimes weather may be unpredictable, so it is better to be prepared for cooler or rainy circumstances too. Local time is CET here, GMT+2 hour.

Passport or Visa

Ukraine sets visa free regime for citizens of the United States of America, Canada, Japan, citizens of the European Union countries (except Republic of Bulgaria and Romania), Swiss Confederation, Liechtenstein, citizens of the Principality of Andorra, Vatican (The Holly See), the Principality of Monaco, the Republic of Iceland, the Kingdom of Norway, the Republic of San Marino passport holders who may stay in Ukraine up to 90 days. National passport/travel document (C.I.D.) should be valid for at six months at intended date of departure from Ukraine. At the Ukrainian border you may be asked to provide: return or onward ticket and you will be asked to fill in Immigration card that you will be asked to present on your way out of the country.

Health and Insurance

Cycling tours require people to be in good health. When you book you must inform us of any medical condition that may effect your ability on the tour (allergy, asthma, heart problems, etc.). In such cases, it is highly recommended that you obtain your doctor's advice before booking. We recommend that you obtain comprehensive and adequate travel and medical insurance in your home country, to cover unexpected costs due to illness, accident, lost luggage, tour interruption or cancellation, etc., and ensure that your policy covers you for the sport activities you will do.


We always welcome families with children on our tours. We think that you as a parent know best your children's capabilities, so you can decide what is suitable for them. In principle we believe that only children with a minimum age of 10 are capable of tackling the tour.


The local currency here is Ukrainian Hryvna (UHR). You can change cash in Exchange offices or in Banks at the Airport, at the Stations and around the shopping or tourist areas of Lviv and in the bigger Towns. Travelers cheques are not accepted! Credit cards are accepted in some shops and restaurants only. There are many ATM-s in Lviv but it is difficult to find them in small villages neither at petrol stations. It is recommended that you have some cash for the local restaurants, pubs or shops of the hidden villages and areas where we mainly cycle and peddle.

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River Map of Ukraine

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